“Archery” The story of Victor Leach

As a professional handyman I bid on a job to do some home repairs for Victor and Patti Leach, in the past few months we have become very good friends. As we were chatting he told me how his nephew introduced-Vic- into archery!

Vic started practicing every day and in six months time he became very good, come to find out that Vic has a hereditary potassium deficiency and he takes medication for it.

Vic. became the California State Champion in less than a year and with in two years time he had won multiple Archery Tournaments all over the U.S. and became the National Champ. During his career as a professional Archer no one knew how much pain he was going through with his disease, Vic would just go about business as usual.

“A True Champion” 

In his Ten year rein he had Beaten the best Archers in the world, today Vic can’t walk on his own he uses a walking chair or a power chair.  I see the pain that he is in every day.

I believe that Vic should be inducted into the “Archery Hall Of Fame” 

If you would Like to know more about Victor Leach you can get all the information on Google from 1961 to 1971. My good friend Victor did not ask me to write this story I thought that people should know about a Forgotten Champion.

To whom it may concern if your on the Hall of Fame Committee you really should consider nominating him.

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