East & West Carson Rivers

                                                                                                      Carson Valley

These lovely freestone streams are perfect for fly fishing.  They both support a multitude of insects, and therefore, a good amount of trout as well!  The West Carson is easily accessed from several points in Hope Valley making for some inspiring scenery to take in while you walk along the water casting to likely spots.  Both rivers are stocked regularly during the open season with an important Regulation difference: the East Carson is designated Barbless Catch and Release below Hangman’s Bridge.  This is a good thing for those who value a pure sport fishing experience over hook’em and cook’em.  Also, this C&R section of the East Carson requires of bit of hiking.

Above the Hangman’s Bridge and all along the West Carson are fair game for all methods of catching – including the pervasive Power Bait.  The recent planter clones are fairly easy to catch making this a great place to take your son or daughter for their first fish in the mountains. Even though the limit is 5

Also, these rivers are currently planted with Rainbow Trout and some experimental Cutthroats.  Any Brown trout you may catch are wild fish and should be carefully released to create future generations.  This cannot be overly stressed.  However you approach it, these rivers and the area that contain them offer something for everyone needing some stream time, or just a memorable day in the outdoors.

Directions:  From Meyers, Turn Left on Hwy 89 and take it over Luther Pass to the T at Pickets Junction.  For the West Carson park now, or at several other easily spotted parking areas including a lot with a restroom.  For the East Carson, Turn Right (Hwy 88/89) and follow the West Carson down past some great places to eat!  Turn Right at the sign for Markleeville (still on Hwy 89) and take this road past the town.  You’ll soon hit Hangman’s Bridge where there is another parking lot (with a restroom), or continue on toward Hwy 4 where you’ll see several likely areas from the road.


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