Fishing At Lake Tahoe NV.— Calif.


Lake Tahoe is home to a variety of fish including Lake (Mackinaw), Brown and Rainbow Trout, as well as a self-sustaining population of Kokanee Salmon. most of the fish in Lake Tahoe are the descendants of plants from over 100 years ago!  Meaning, if you catch a fish here, it’s probably a wild one and far more desirable as a sport fish over the hatchery clones.

Fishing Lake Tahoe itself can require rather specialized tactics and gear designed for deep water.  This is where a large majority of the fish are found (deep!) especially the Mackinaw and Kokanee which are often from 80’ down to 200!

Fishing from shore of Lake Tahoe is not recommended for several reasons, chiefly: most of the places you might want to fish from shore are on private property, and most of the fish are not near the shore.

For your best chances at hooking up success, it is recommended you hop on a charter boat.  You’ll be in the zone sooner and likely come ashore with great stories, pictures, one for the BBQ, or all of the above.

Note: Lake Tahoe is a Bi-State lake and you will need either a California or Nevada Fishing License before heading out.  A Short Term License (for a Day, 2 Day, etc.. ) for the date you plan to fish the Lake is the minimum one to obtain.  Some Charter companies offer these right on the boat as you motor out (one stop shopping).   A CA License can be obtained online (–fees) or from a local fishing outfitter like Tahoe Fly Fishing.  Nevada Residents can purchase a license here:

* Relatives of the original Lake Tahoe Cutthroats reside in Pyramid Lake NV.  This is a carefully managed fishery with special regs.  These fish are adapted to a high alkaline environment and grow quite large (special regs help that too).  20lb fish are being caught every year!

Photos by Edward Wade, Steve Shupe , Tahoe Sport Fishing


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