Yosemite National Park

One Man Saves Yosemite National Park.

The logging companies out of Sacramento get ready to start cutting down the forest and the “Red Wood Trees”. A man by the name of John Muir had heard about the logging companies were getting ready to head up to Yosemite and start chopping down the Sequoia Trees.

John Muir as an explorer/artist was able to draw all the peaks, valleys, waterfalls and the sequoia trees, he then raced back to Washington DC to show the president what he had drawn and to stop the logging companies.

As he was waiting all day in the lobby it was starting to get late into the day he was thinking if I don’t see the president I’m not going to be able to save Yosemite.

John Muir as he was thinking about not being able to see the president in the spare of the moment  John stands up and drops a few of the paintings he had drawn, at the same time president “Abraham Lincoln” and his staff were walking into the lobby!

President Lincoln reached down and picked up one of John Muir’s paintings. President Lincoln was able to spare a few moments and ask John about the photos he had drawn. John Muir was able to tell the president what was going on, at that point President Abraham Lincoln and his staff decided to save Yosemite for future generations to enjoy and declared That Yosemite be a National Park and other  areas through out the United States would be declared as National Parks and National Monuments.

Today National Park and Monuments attract millions of people to visit, camp, hike, take pictures with their family’s. Has become mans best treasure in the world.

(PS) I hope you enjoy this story, written in my own words.



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